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For Chris and Dyane, the cigar lifestyle brought two great minds together as we experienced cigars, camaraderie and relaxation within the cigar community. Together, we recognized that this passion and lifestyle fostered a need to hone our knowledge of cigars and offer the experience to others; it was an opportunity to launch a collaboration. To celebrate our passion, Petworth Cigars was birthed and the doors of Petworth Cigars were opened. We created a space where we could enjoy cigars with our fellow community–who in like-mindedness share a desire for the true lounge experience. Significant to our passion is the knowledge of cigars. We enjoy the opportunity to learn as we smoke varieties of cigars which further enhances our palate and ability to share our experiences with our customers. When we get to smoke, the experience is phenomenal.

We share a genuine respect and desire to select quality cigars, kick back, and enjoy the pleasure of the smoking experience.  Knowing the breadth and depth of a cigar is to understand everything from the very earth where tobacco is grown to its impact on the flavor, smell, and even the smoke of a cigar. At times our passion draws us all the way to the nub. The nub being the end of the last quarter can be the best indicator of the pure enjoyment of a cigar. In light of our passion, the next step was to take a deeper dive—all things cigars. Knowing cigars, the industry, and the cigar lifestyle, our mission was to design a sustainable lounge experience known as the Petworth Experience.

Here at Petworth, you too can come and enjoy the cigars, camaraderie and community. The vision between the both of us was clear ---- “Our passion, Your Pleasure”, which grew out of the desire to experience cigars in a community that appreciates the true meaning of lounge. As a result, Petworth Cigars is the answer to the celebration of cigars. There is much to know about cigars, the time is here, the time is now and we are excited to share it with you. We are extending Petworth Cigars as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience for the love for cigars. The enjoyment of a cigar is more than something to do; it is a lifestyle, it is passion.



Welcome to Petworth Cigars!

Dyane Johnson, CRT, Owner
Dr. C. E. Riley, General Manager

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