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Cigars. Camaraderie. Community

Petworth Cigars grew out of a deep passion for cigars, camaraderie, and community. The cigar lifestyle of our team encouraged us to want to celebrate our passion, hone our knowledge of cigars, and seek to enjoy cigars even more within our community. 

The owner, Dyane Johnson, is a native Washingtonian from the Southeast area. The building has been in her family for over 45 years and has transitioned from Swank Beauty Salon which was owned by her grandmother, Wilhelmina Jones, to our now beloved Petworth Cigars. This building has been passed along through Dyane’s family to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of being a 100% woman and black-owned business over the years. As a native Washingtonian, Dyane has witnessed and lived within the livelihood of the Petworth area which drew her to continue the legacy and open Petworth Cigars in November 2020. 

Petworth means much more to Dyane than just a space to share her passion for cigars with others but also it is a symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit that was instilled in her by her family years ago. 

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